Skin Treatments

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Acne, or acne, known as the name of every person and especially in adolescence is a skin disease that manifests itself. It is caused by the fact that the sebaceous glands (follicles) are clogged with a denser layer of oil on the surface of the skin and the sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands (sebum) cannot be thrown out of the skin. It is seen in almost every person in certain periods. The body performs its own treatment over time without the need for any external intervention. In cases where it cannot be realized, the problem becomes negative and affects the quality of life negatively. In such cases, acne treatment may be unavoidable.


There is a treatment method based on the way that the radio waves generated by radiocautery devices are converted to heat energy on the nevus. The liquid of the warmed cells is evaporated to remove the layer (nevus) layer, reaching normal skin.

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