Dental Treatments

Our clinic offers various solutions not only for the treatment of oral and dental health problems, but also for oral and dental aesthetics. Laminated, porcelain vener, gum arrangements, whitening methods, we are able to provide a new smile to the patient.

Smile Design

If you are not satisfied with your smile, you can foresee the procedures to be done to your teeth with the help of a computer. You can have an idea about the smile you will have after the procedure with the help of cosmetic imaging programs by transferring the photos taken before the process to your teeth and transferring them to the computer environment digitally.


Orthodontics is a science that deals with the correction of perplexed teeth and the removal of discrepancies in teeth, jaws and face.


Implants are small pieces of titanium placed in the jawbone to complete dental deficiencies. These parts function as natural tooth roots. They are inserted into the jaw bone with a simple surgical procedure. Because titanium is tissue-friendly, the bone envelopes the implant and provides a solid foundation for the teeth to be made. After the measurement and proofing stages, new teeth are prepared for use and your deficiencies are removed without damaging your natural teeth.

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